Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Progress so far...

This is all about firsts - my first KAL and my first shawl. The Forest Canopy is a great pattern for a first lace project. It is only an 8 row pattern repeat and has a good rhythm to it. I am knitting my FCS with 100% merino fine sock wool in Ruby Flame from the Natural Dye Studio and using 4mm INOX straight needles. This was cast on on Friday 2nd March, and if I spent a bit more time knitting and less time on the Internet finding new projects, I would probably have progressed a bit more. It does knit up pretty quickly.

Seeing pictures of everyone's FCSs and hearing about their progress and problems really helps me keep at this. This was progress as of a couple of days ago (I think it was around 90 stitches then). I had posted a different picture on the Forum, but I think this photo shows the different shades up more. I am now at 147 stitches, and the fabric is feeling more lacey now and just so soft. I will try and take some more photos tomorrow.

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