Thursday, March 22, 2007

LittleBerry's Finale

Well as you can see I have finished the shawl….

I always like to take a photograph whilst blocking as it looks so technical and impressive and what it does for lace knitting is amazing…..

This was my first time using blocking wires and it was a bit fiddley at first but I can see the benefits of using them rather than all those pins….

The final photographs of the shawl....

..........with a close up to see the pattern…

As for the yarn …. Yes I like it and I love the colours, I think the striping works with this pattern and because the lace is quite simple the colours don’t mask the pattern but I have satisfied my curiosity with this yarn and I wouldn’t use it to knit a rectangular shawl or a fancier pattern as it would overpower the pattern and the strong colours would detract from the lace…..

All in all I have enjoyed this pattern and the yarn and it’s a nice quick knit and doing less repeats you would easily get a triangular scarf out of a 50g ball of 4ply… on 4.5mm


sebskins said...

looks beautiful. love the colours, really complement each other

Donnae said...

Love the colours LB. This is a colourway I think I am going to have to knit :)